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Get the whole collection for Just   $30  which includes the executor letter package.

This digital download contains all of the information that was on 4 dvds about 14 - 16 gigabytes of commercial law files, books, seminars and more.

Please allow two days or so for me to process your order  most of the time it is only a few hours wait time but on the weekend or holidays it may take me a little longer to process the order.


follow the directions below to purchase the download.

It seems as though you are in need of some educational materials to help you learn about commercial law processes. Commercial law is a very powerful tool to use to protect yourself out in the nasty world we live in. Most people believe that they canít fight city hall.
They however, would be very wrong. You can fight city hall and you can win. The download that I offer you contains all the tools that you will need to use commercial law processes.
The download costs $30. It is a collection of all the stuff I use to do these processes. It contains books, seminars, documents, affidavits of all kinds just find one that fits your needs and use it. There is almost 16 gigabytes of files and data.
Ok, how do I get it? Well, it is simple really, Just go to paypal and use my email address as the person you are sending money to ( bigdu12000@gmail.com ) then choose friends and family, put in the amount $30 . If you donít choose friends and family you will be charge a fee from paypal so make sure you do that. Then send me an email that contains your name address city and state and inform me that you have paid and I will then send you the links to the download files. These files are in zip file format. So they have to be decompressed and then placed on your hard drive . I suggest that you name the file folders the same as the zip file names. If you are unfamiliar with zip files then you can go to download.com and get the free version of the program winzip or winrar are two of the programs you can use to decompress the files.
Your links will be coming to you from a company called wetransfer.com so be looking for it. If you donít see it look in your spam filter for the emails containing the links.
The other service that I provide is consultations @ $25 for a 45 minute consult. The phone number is 603 536 1549 this is only for consults please donít blow up my phone for something that can be handled in an email. Please donít write me a history of the problems you are having. I probably wonít read them, I just donít have the time. Use a consult it is far easier to explain things to you over the phone. Give me a brief summory of your problem in the email and if warranted I will have you call me for a brief call. These files handle every thing from copyrighting your name to becoming a secured party creditor.
Now, I have had some health issues as of late so be patient I may be dealing with an issue but contact me through email if I am in the hospital or something my wife will answer the email and let you know what is going on. Fyi It sucks to get old.