Notary Presentment Services


The recommended presentment method

1.    Prep your documents get them notarized locally at your bank (most tellers are notaries).

2.    You do 3 presentments via fax (quick ) or mail (slow). You must have a third party witness to your presentments.

3.    Then you do 3 notary presentments and the notary is witness.

4.    Then you do a notary judgment and you have your process completed.

Please watch the video in the video section of this website for more details.

Fax presentment service

    We offer fax presentment service at a cost of $15 per presentment.

Here is how it works:

You prep your docs Placing the notaries name and address as the third party witness that they are to mail or fax their responses to. Get them notarized. You scan them and put them into pdf format.. Then you email them to the notary.she will send them to the one you are sending them to. After the time span that you have allowed them to respond if they don't respond the notary issues you a certificate of non response. She is your third party impartial witness.

    Once you have given your brother three chances to cure his dishonor by faxing him in private and he doesn't respond then you move on to the notary presentments that are far more serious.

Commercial Liens

Once both of these processes are completed many things are possible. If your process is going to a public servant then you can put in a claim against their public hazard bond and not only collect the money but once the bonding agent starts his investigation the public servant can't work as a public servant because they can't be bonded. In short you have removed that public servant from office. Cops, Judges and clerks can have this happen to them. You get remedy. 


notary services should be available at the end of october 2019


     One of the most difficult things to do in commerce is to find a Notary Public that will do a commercial presentments. It's not that it is hard or dangerous in any way but 99% of the Notaries in this country have no idea as to how much power they really have. A Notary is almost equivalent to a Justice of the Peace. They are an officer of the court and because of this fact they are the best witness that we can get. Judges will accept documents that a Notary is witness to as though god was the witness. In order to enforce your documents they have to be done by Notary Presentment. Then the judge will accept the documents as evidence in court.   


    So how does it work?

First you get your documents ready and get them notarized where you are by a local Notary.

Then depending on how fast you need things done you can over night your docs or mail them the notary.

These international claims must be done using registered mail this process is more involved and more expensive.

From there the notary will take care of the documents and the mailing. The Libelle's ( the person who is the one you are sending your docs to ) will be required to send the answer to your docs to the Notary. If they don't answer then the Notary issues a certificate of non response. Then you have your process done.


Ok, what does it cost to do this?

$75 for the notary presentment       each one   you will need to do 3 plus one judgment.

$20 for the certified mailing.

Most Notaries that do this, if you can find one, do it for up to $200.


If you need this service Just email me and we can arrange the service for you.